Building hyperloop

the 5th mode of transportation

The first infinite trajectory hyperloop testing facility in the world, built in Switzerland

Hyperloop will drastically change the way people and goods move in the future. Building on a solid Swiss research and engineering foundation, we are advancing the technology state of the art with the goal of making Hyperloop a reality by 2030.

A network that reacts
in real-time

Adopting a continent-wide Hyperloop network will enable fast and reliable connections between key points thus reducing travel time, increasing collaboration and economic prosperity.

The intrinsic characteristics of a Hyperloop network allow for real-time adaptability to demand and increased system resilience.

The map is a graphic representation.


With a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, sustainability and cost reduction, our drivetrain technology is designed in a modular way enabling different system configurations.

This approach opens up a horizon of possibilities for different types of applications such as freight or passenger transportation.

As we are developing the technology, we are always on the lookout for great talent and key partnerships. Join us on our journey.