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Last updated on October 14, 2022

At Swisspod Technologies SA, (further referred to as “Swisspod,” “we,” “our,” or “us,” and including Swisspod Technologies SA, its parties, subsidiaries, and affiliates) we respect your privacy and we put a great emphasis on protecting your personal information and any other data that could identify you personally (referred to as “Personal Information”), through our compliance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws.

This Privacy Policy describes transparently what types of data we may collect about you when you visit our website (, physical locations, or you contact us via mediums including but not limited to direct email, phone, website forms, job applications or social networks, how we process, store, use and protect it, as well as your rights and choices regarding your Personal Information.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at:

Swisspod Technologies SA

Rte de Clos-Donroux 1

1870 Monthey


1. Information about our data collection processes

All data collected are processed by the website’s operator, namely Swisspod Technologies SA.

1.1 How we directly collect your Personal Information:

We directly collect your identifiable Personal Information when you specifically and voluntarily provide it to us by filling contact or job application forms on our website, initiating contact through email, social networks, video calls, virtual meetings, and phone, applying to open positions within our company on our website, as well as on different employment platforms, and when you provide us with your data during in-person meetings and events.

1.2. Personal Information automatically processed through third parties:

Some of your data is being automatically collected by us and third parties as soon as you're accessing and using our website via cookies (please refer to our Cookies Policy below to learn more), or our IT systems. This data includes but it's not limited to your IP address, browser, operating system, or advertising identifiers.

All Personal Information you provide, including your name, your contact details, and other documents are being stored on the servers of Webflow, Inc. ("Webflow"). Webflow relies on the European Commission–approved Standard Contractual Clauses as a legal mechanism for transferring Personal Information from the United States to countries in EU, EEA and Switzerland, and has compliance certification with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. To comply with the legislation in force, we have taken the necessary steps to complete the process related to signing the Data Processing Agreement provided by Webflow.

1.3. Transmitting or sharing your Personal Information with third parties

We don't sell Personal Information to third parties. We also don't share your Personal information with third parties. Exceptions to the latest may apply and will include circumstances where sharing your Personal Information is necessary to fulfill your requests or contract for which you have given us your Personal Information, or the fact that you voluntarily opted in/agreed to share your data for specific purposes. Exceptions also include using your Personal Information in connection with regulatory, legal, and law enforcement matters determined at our sole discretion, or when it's vital to preventing and/or stopping illegal activities, and protecting the integrity and safety of our team, clients, collaborators, partners, other third parties and overall the members of our society.

2. Cookies Policy

2.1. What are Cookies

Internet Cookies ("Cookies") are small files of letters and numbers which are stored on your computer, mobile device, or other terminals you are using to access the Internet. These Cookies are stored on your browser or the hard drive of your device. Cookies don't contain software, viruses, or spyware.

2.2. Why do we use Cookies?

We use Cookies to collect information about your browsing activities in legitimate interest for reasons regarding the improvement of the services we are providing you and to offer a better, more personalized navigation experience. Through Cookies we can customize settings such as the language in which the website content is displayed, or record your accessibility or privacy settings.. At the same time, they allow us to review the website from a technical point of view, add or improve functionalities, detect certain errors and vulnerabilities, or gain access to information about how many users are visiting our website, their preferences, and how they interact with our products, content, and features included in the website.

2.3. What kind of cookies do we use?

Our website uses both session cookies - which are automatically deleted after you close your browser; and persistent cookies - which are being stored on your device's memory until you delete them. These later Cookies remain even if you close your website, and can be used to recognize your browser on future visits to our website.

2.4. Updating your Cookie Preferences

You can visualize all the Cookies we are using on our website here and also make adjustments to your preferences by disabling and enabling Cookies. You can also make additional settings such as clearing or deleting Cookies directly from your browser. Please take notice that some of the Cookies are essential for the usability of the website and by disabling cookies navigation experience, as well as some of the website's functionalities might be impacted or altered.

3. Contact Forms & Online Product Purchase Forms

We are collecting the data you are submitting through the contact and the online product purchase forms on our website to get in touch with us or to purchase items from the Swisspod Shop. This action is made with your consent only and you may revoke it at any time by sending us an email at The information you are submitting through the contact and the online product purchase forms will be retained until you revoke your consent for it being stored, and ask for its deletion.

For the Swisspod shop, we currently use Stripe to process payments, and Webflow for managing, processing, and fulfilling eCommerce orders placed on the Swisspod Shop. Through Stripe we obtain limited information about the card used for payment, such as the last four digits and the payment network. Through Webflow, we collect information necessary for fulfilling orders, such as the customer's full name, billing address, and email. Stripe and Webflow collect identifying information about the devices used to connect to their services to improve their services in terms of functionality, usability, security, and more. Please find more information about Stripe's privacy policy here and Webflow's privacy policies here.

4. Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, a service operated by Google Inc ("Google"). More information about what and how Google collects data and how it is being used can be found on Google's Privacy Policy ( and Google's document on how it uses information from sites or apps that use their services ( Google uses cookies that allow for analysis of user behavior on the website. The information we receive from these cookies cannot personally identify you.

We use Google Analytics for legitimate interest. The purpose is intended to analyze user behavior in order for us to improve and optimize your experience on our website and the information that can be found on We don’t sell the information generated by Google's cookie about your use of our website.

5. Types of Personal Information we collect

Some of the data we collect is directly identifiable Personal Information of you. These are only information you have voluntarily provided us with, by filling in and submitting your data through our contact or our online product purchase forms on our website and shop, sending us your resume or any other documents that include your Personal Information through ways that include but are not limited to our website's forms, job platforms, social networks, email, in-person meetings.

The types of information that we collect:

  • information about your identity, such as name, surname, email address, phone number, billing address
  • your photo, if you provide such material (for example if you included your photo in your resume)
  • data about your location, if provided
  • data about your professional experience, past activities, expertise, education, hobbies, interests
  • the messages you have sent to us
  • the last four digits of the card you used to purchase a product on our Shop, and the payment network
  • any other data that was not included in the list above, but you have provided us to serve the purpose for which you contacted us.

We only process information on a valid ground and in legitimate interest, and only the data for which you have given your consent to be processed.

6. How We Use Your Personal Information?

The Personal Information we collect about you is being used for the following purposes:

  • Improve and continuously optimize our website in terms of content, functionalities, services, operations
  • Enhance security, resolve potential technical or non-technical problems and issues on our website
  • Analyze the effectiveness of our website and overall ecosystem of tactics for promoting our services, products, and brand
  • Create a personalized experience on our website for you, based on your preferences
  • Communicate with you by responding to your requests, questions, and applications, process job applications, and keep you informed about our latest updates
  • Compliance purposes

7. Your Access to, Rights and Control Over your Personal Information

You have the right to know what Personal Information we are collecting, how we process it, and how we use it. You can contact Swisspod at any time to ask for a copy of the personal data being subject to processing, correct any inaccuracies regarding your Personal Information or update it, request opting-out from future communication from Swisspod, the deletion of your data, or the suspension of the use of your Personal Information.

Please contact us at, for any request or concerns regarding your Personal Information, we will treat your solicitation carefully, thoroughly, and with high priority. Be advised that in some cases, we may have legal reasons not to honor your request, and in these situations, we will inform you accordingly. Also, as provided by the law, there are exceptions related to the deletions or updates of your Personal Information, such as security incidents, requests that you may have initiated to us, regulations, laws, and legal compliance.

If you consider that your Personal Information is being processed unlawfully, you can file a complaint to a specialized supervisory agency in the country where you reside or where the incident has happened.

8. How are we retaining your data

We store and keep your Personal Information as long as it's necessary to meet the purposes we have collected and process them, unless we have to keep this information for longer periods as required by the law, for legal or accounting reasons. The retention period depends on various criteria, including the type of your request, mandatory retention timeframes with respect to the law, as well as other limitations.

9. More about Data Storage & Transfer

Your Personal Information is stored on equipments located outsiede EU and EEa countries. We've implemented appropiate safeguard measurements for tranfering your data to be in line with GDPR policies and comply wutg applicable EEA data protection laws. The list of the companies outside EU & EEA to which we transfer your data includes Google and Webflow.

10. Contact

Swisspod Technologies SA is the entity responsible for the processing of your Personal Information, as described in this policy. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our processing activities, please contact us:

Swisspod Technologies SA

Rte de Clos-Donroux 1

1870 Monthey


This Privacy Policy was last updated on October 14, 2022. This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. All updates will be posted on this page.