Swisspod Receives 2nd Grant From The Swiss Confederation

January 13, 2022

Swisspod, one of the leading players in the emerging market of Hyperloop, and the Swiss-based University of Applied Sciences Haute Ecole ARC (HE-Arc Ingénierie), have received a grant from Switzerland's Government for accelerating the research of a novel, more efficient Vibration Monitoring System for Hyperloop. The grant is part of the Innovation Cheque program administered by Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency.

Blazing the Trail for Hyperloop with Next-Gen Vibration Monitoring Technology

With a focus on finding innovative and efficient ways for tackling major roadblocks for Hyperloop implementation, Swisspod aims to introduce a new way of using vibration technology, by developing a novel Vibration Monitoring System for both the capsule and the infrastructure.

Currently, vibration technology, more precisely vibration control, is being deployed on electrodynamics and electromagnetic suspensions, with the purpose of ensuring a smooth ride of the Hyperloop capsule on the track. Extending the use of it through a network of smart sensors for vibration monitoring would bring significant improvements in terms of system health monitoring and predictive maintenance, hence driving a real impact in terms of cost-efficiency.

"Vibration monitoring is critical from a technological perspective, as it considerably reduces operational costs through predictive maintenance. As an alternative but equally important standpoint, optimally monitoring vibrations will allow us to ensure a pleasant, safe and smooth traveling experience for both passengers and cargo transportation. We're delighted to have HE-Arc as a partner for the development of this extremely important part of the Hyperloop system", says Vlad Iorgulescu, Swisspod's Chief Operating Officer.

Breeding a Culture of Collaboration Towards a New Mode of Transportation

Renowned for its superior academic programs in the field of Technology and Innovation, HE-Arc has undertaken fundamental and applied research in the field of vibration and acoustics engineering. Coupled with Swisspod team's advanced engineering know-how and industry proficiency, HE-Arc's long-lasting expertise will be vital for developing a competitive and efficient Vibration Monitoring system.

The HE-Arc team is excited to join forces with Swisspod on a journey towards more sustainability in transportation of goods and people. Partnering with best-in-class companies and fast-growing startups in Switzerland, such as Swisspod, is the insurance to keep our research interest aligned with industrial requirements and state of the art technologies. Using our academic knowledge in vibration and acoustics to help the Swisspod’s team boost the development of its technical solution is a great achievement for our team, and surely the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration", Alexandre Staub, Research Associate at HE-Arc states.

A Vote of Confidence from the Swiss Government

This marks the second subsidy received by Swisspod in less than a year from the Swiss Government, through an Innosuisse funding program, aimed at fast-tracking the development of the company's Hyperloop system. In mid-2021, Swisspod, together with its partners from The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) and The School of Engineering and Management Vaud (HEIG-VD, have been assigned a grant for building the first operational Hyperloop Testing Facility in Europe, located in Lausanne, and developing a novel propulsion system for high-speeds on long distances.

"We are grateful for the continuous support from the Swiss Confederation as well as for the strong partnerships we've established. It's the second federal grant we have received in the last year, and it builds a solid foundation of trust in Swisspod and our mission, reinforcing a powerful sense of recognition of our top-of-the-league engineering team and its diligent effort and commitment to enable an ultra-fast, more sustainable transportation system", Denis Tudor, CEO and Co-founder of Swisspod, said.

The announcement comes promptly after Swisspod announced it has also successfully closed its latest Seed Round in December 2021. Backed by 5 top-tier investors such as ACE & Company — a global investment group with a track-record of supporting innovative emerging technology companies, including SpaceX, and READ-HP Investments, the funding proceeds will be invested in developing the company's second full-scale testing facility in the U.S.

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