Swisspod Appoints Sotiris Pagdadis, Ph.D. to Its Board of Directors

May 10, 2023

Swisspod, a Swiss-American company at the forefront of pioneering hyperloop technology, gains strategic advantage with the appointment of Sotiris Pagdadis, Ph.D. to its Board of Directors. With an impressive background, and a proven track record of success in the transportation industry, Dr. Pagdadis brings to the table a unique blend of public and private sector experience, making him a pivotal addition to the team. His role will be instrumental in elaborating the strategic direction that will position Swisspod front and center in the transportation market.

With over 35 years of extensive experience working with private enterprises, concessionaires, and public sector agencies worldwide, Dr. Pagdadis is a highly respected futurist and a transformational leader in complex and rapidly evolving industries. Currently acting as the President of Keiretsu Forum Midwest, a leading venture club with a far-reaching global presence, Dr. Pagdadis lends his passion for sustainable solutions and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the transformation of cities through Smart City Development, Airport Cities, and Smart Transportation. Particularly renowned for his advisory work in the field of high-speed rail, he provided valuable insights and strategic guidance to both the public and private sectors in visioning how high-speed rail can drive rapid economic growth and enhance the well-being of communities.

Prior to his current role, he served as a Principal at PwC, where he empowered organizations to seize strategic opportunities by successfully investing in infrastructure and capital projects. Additionally, his academic career as a former professor at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University reinforces his exceptional expertise. Dr. Pagdadis holds a Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering, a Master's degree in Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Project Management from The University of Texas at Austin.

"Sotiris' long history of leadership, expertise, and acumen bring a unique viewpoint to Swisspod's go-to-market and business expansion strategies. From the outset, we've established a strong connection. His dedication to innovation and passion for making a positive impact align perfectly with our values and objectives. We're confident that together we'll work with even greater efficiency to execute our strategic goals and continue to pioneer new frontiers in the transportation sector", said Denis Tudor, CEO of Swisspod.

"I'm excited to join Swisspod as a board member, but also as an integral part of the team. This is probably the most synergistic initiative I have been involved in for a very long time, bringing together expertise, professional backgrounds, and cultures in a unique way. Swisspod is challenging the status quo of an industry facing unprecedented complexity. Its unparalleled hyperloop solution and intellectual property set the company apart from the competition in a significant way. I'm fully committed to this project, and I'm very vested in the technology the team has created. This is an extraordinary opportunity for us to revolutionize the transportation industry, achieve our vision of a more sustainable and connected world, and create a lasting impact.", said Dr. Pagdadis.

With Dr. Pagdadis on board, Swisspod is well-positioned to achieve long-term success in the emerging and dynamic hyperloop industry. His expertise will provide the Board with a valuable and diverse perspective which will be vital in anticipating and evaluating opportunities, navigating complex challenges, and advocating for the company's interests. He will furnish oversight and strategic guidance, shaping Swisspod's vision of becoming a leader in the transportation market and gaining a competitive edge. Additionally, he will serve as a spokesperson for the company, building trust and confidence with investors, partners, public agencies, and customers, demonstrating the company's commitment to delivering on its promises.

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