We’ve Been Selected For the 2023 IMD Startup Competition

Swisspod Team
December 13, 2022

Swisspod has been selected among the 30 winning early-stage Swiss companies to participate in the 2022/20223 IMD Startup Competition.

Established in 1999, the IMD Startup Competition is an initiative of the renowned IMD Business School, a globally recognized academic powerhouse that cultivates the next generation of impactful and visionary business leaders. The competition seeks promising early-stage companies with a high market potential and offers them the opportunity to collaborate with MBA and Executive MBA (EMBA) students to refine and enhance their strategic vision and business model to reach new heights.

Within the program, Swisspod will team up with a group of experienced executives from the EMBA class of 2023. Together, they will analyze and scrutinize the company's business plan and strategy, and unlock innovative pathways for growth. The program will culminate in the latter half of the year, with the EMBA team presenting the company to venture capitalists and angel investors in Silicon Valley, in the presence of the startup founders.