Hyperloop Conference - Hypermotion Frankfurt 2021

Swisspod Team
August 31, 2021

Swisspod is joining the stage of the Hyperloop Conference, the leading international event on high-speed transportation, organized during the 2021 Hypermotion trade, on September 16th, in Frankfurt.

As one of the Keynote Speakers, Denis Tudor, Swisspod's CEO and Co-Founder will dive deeper into how the fifth mode of transportation will drive a systemic change into our world. Join the live session, from 9:45 AM (CEST), on September 16th - "Changing Paradigms: Hyperloop as a vector for Societal Transformation", to get a glimpse at the future of mobility.

Vlad Iorgulescu, Swisspod’s COO will join the Panel Discussion on the "Challenges in the Hyperloop Ecosystem for Freight Transportation". The session will address topics such as the promising potential of integrating hyperloop technology in the cargo industry value chain and address the concerns that might arise during the process.

Join this year's Hyperloop Conference and hear from industry leaders and pioneers how the disruptive Hyperloop technology will transform a wide range of areas, including transportation, logistics, travel or the environmental sector. Explore all the opportunities that arise from accelerating a sustainable, ultra-fast, and efficient future of mobility.