Marc Gruber joins Swiss Board of Directors

Swisspod Team
April 28, 2021

The Chair of Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization, Academic Director of Executive Education, and former VP for Innovation at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), joins the Board of Directors.

Dr. Gruber's technological innovation expertise ties in perfectly with his new role as Vice-Chairman for Innovation and Partnerships, through which he will help the team strengthen external relations and capitalize on growth opportunities, at a time when research and business endeavours are amplified.

"Swisspod is a true technology innovator with a solid business case and highly promising commercial potential "down the loop". Yet, even more exciting is the strong team of engineering and business experts led by Denis and Cyril, whose entrepreneurial spirit is driving the venture forward at high speed."
Marc Gruber

An internationally acclaimed academic, he has published research on innovation, strategy, and entrepreneurship in empirical journals such as the Journal of Business Venturing, and the Academy of Management Journal, where he served as Deputy Editor. Between 2005 and 2015, he was ranked as the #1 most impactful researcher worldwide in entrepreneurship.

"My research interests in Innovation & Commercialization of Technology map neatly onto Swisspod’s entrepreneurial journey. From the development and testing of the technology to the pre-sale efforts for the product launch, I will be guiding Swisspod through the necessary steps to successfully market their invention."
Marc Gruber

His extensive knowledge in Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship is highlighted in “Where to Play: 3 Steps for Discovering Your Most Valuable Market Opportunities”, a book introducing business tools used by thousands of firms.

"Swisspod’s mission of building Hyperloop-enabling technology aligns with the urgent need of more energy-efficient transport to alleviate climate change. Following its clear-cut strategy, Swisspod will reach key value creation milestones and leverage growth opportunities, paving the way towards the bright future it envisions."
Marc Gruber

Prior to his tenure at EPFL, he was the Vice-Director of the Institute of Innovation Research, Technology Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Munich (LMU), and established LMU’s Center for Entrepreneurship. He also held scholar posts at the Business School of Imperial College London, and the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.