World's First Infinite Trajectory Hyperloop Testing Facility

Swisspod Team
July 23, 2021

The first operational Hyperloop testing facility in Europe sets transportation innovation in motion and pushes forward the commercialization and deployment of Hyperloop systems.

The research activities conducted at the facility in collaboration with the Distributed Electrical Systems Laboratory (DESL) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) aim to validate key assumptions of ultra-fast transportation solutions.

“This collaboration represents a great opportunity for Swisspod to join forces with world-class EPFL colleagues. We bring into this project sharp business acumen and high-quality engineering to develop an efficient solution that will be brought into the market in 4-5 years.”
Denis Tudor, Swisspod's CEO and Co-founder

For the first research activity, Project LIMITLESS (“Linear Induction Motor Drive for Traction and Levitation in Sustainable Hyperloop Systems''), Swisspod, EPFL and HEIG-VD will join forces for the testing and validation of a novel Linear Induction Motor (LIM), a key part of Swisspod's unique selling point: its highly efficient propulsion system design. The infrastructure is constructed in a circular shape to simulate an infinite track and accommodate diverse experimental conditions, such as different levels of pressure, speed and trajectory lengths.

This pioneering initiative is funded by the Swiss Confederation through innovative grants administered by Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency promoting science-based innovation and knowledge transfer for Swiss industry and society.

“Swisspod and EPFL aim to use technological innovation as a vehicle for positive change to propose a feasible mobility solution that adds value to the local community and generates benefits for society at large.”
Georgios Sarantakos, Project Manager at DESL-EPFL

Project LIMITLESS is a catalyst for the global Hyperloop effort lifting the evolution and adoption of sustainable mobility solutions to new heights on the face of the climate emergency.