Swisspod Leverages Its Standardization and System Engineering Expertise to Support The Release of the World's First Standardization Technical Report

Swisspod Team
February 14, 2023

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) have reached a significant milestone by releasing the first common standardization deliverable for hyperloop — CEN/CLC/TR 17912:2023 “Hyperloop systems, Standards inventory, and roadmap”. This technical report is an essential step toward establishing the standards required for the new mode of transportation.

The technical report provides a comprehensive overview of existing standards that can be adopted, either fully or partially, for hyperloop systems. This document lays the groundwork for developing an extensive set of hyperloop-specific standards, which will support the safe and efficient implementation and operation of hyperloop technology. Subsequently, the hyperloop standards derived will undergo a  thorough review and validation against the hyperloop regulations, ensuring their compliance with the legal requirements.

Swisspod is an active member of the Joint Technical Committee (JTC20) and is engaged in a wide range of standardization efforts related to hyperloop technology, including system architecture, definitions and terms. Gila Kropf, Chief Risk Officer, and Dr. Florian Gallien, Head of Systems Engineering, spearheaded the company's involvement in the standardization processes, leveraging their advanced, hands-on expertise in aerospace regulations and system engineering.

"This is an important milestone on the pathway towards establishing hyperloop within the transportation sector. Swisspod has been a strong advocate of developing universal sector-wide standards. We think these are important pillars for building a hyperloop technology that is safe and efficient, that supports the shift toward sustainable mobility, meets the current and future demand, and creates a more connected and empowered world", says Gila Kropf.

Standardization is an essential step for developing and commercializing hyperloop technology as it promotes safety, reliability, interoperability, and consistency across all aspects of the transportation system. Standards are designed to ensure that everything from vehicles and systems to infrastructure is designed and manufactured to meet a required set of safety and quality criteria. Setting standards as a complementary compliance and guidance layer to the regulations will also enable companies in the market to streamline their production processes, accelerate the pace of development and bring products to market faster. At the same time, it will facilitate efficient and seamless hyperloop operations for freight and passengers, supporting economic growth and societal progress.

For more information, check the CEN-CLC/JTC 20 press release here.