Our 2022 in Review

Swisspod Team
December 31, 2022

Looking back on the past year, we couldn't be more proud, happy, and grateful for everything we have accomplished, and the steps forward we've made. And we couldn't have done it without our extraordinary team, advisors, Board of Director members, partners, friends, and community!

‍Thank you for making 2022 an amazing year and stay tuned for 2023, because the best is yet to come!

Explore our Year-In-Review Recap:

1. First dynamic low pressure environment test

Together with our partners from EPFL, we successfully performed the first relevant dynamic environment test in Europe for a hyperloop.

2. Major advances in building the biggest hyperloop testing facility in the world

We have completed the designing process for our full-scale facility in Pueblo, Colorado while obtaining all the necessary permits to start building the biggest hyperloop infrastructure in the world.

3. AERYS - Steps closer from concept to creating groundbreaking propulsion systems

We've made consistent progress in designing the Hyperloop platform that will enable us to demonstrate the viability of Aerys, our propulsion system, and key technology to facilitate the adoption of the 5th mode of transportation.

4. Laying the groundwork for a world premiere: The first 1-hour hyperloop ride

We're on the verge of performing a 1-hour ride at the LIMITLESS infrastructure, after we successfully finalized the small-scaled testing capsule and the assembly of the last pieces of the facility in Lausanne, Switzerland.

5. Creating synergies with leading enterprises worldwide

2022 was an amazing year for establishing strong partnerships with companies invested in accelerating the decarbonization of the transportation in the logistics sector, and creating a more sustainable future.

6. Endorsed once more by the Swiss Government through a second Innosuisse grant

We've secured a second grant through the Innosuisse funding programs from the Swiss Government, in partnership with HE-Arc Ingénierie. The grant has accelerated our R&D efforts for building a more efficient Vibration Monitoring System for Hyperloop.

7. Supporting the development of Regulatory, Standards & Industry Roadmaps for hyperloop

We reinforced our commitment to paving the way toward a solid regulatory and standardization framework for the 5th mode of transportation. We are proud to proactively contribute to strengthening the collaboration between Hyperloop companies on a common roadmap toward creating the hyperloop industry.

8. Got selected into 2 prestigious startup accelerator programs

We are proud to have been accepted into the highly-selective 2022/23 CDL-Oxford program for impact-driven deep-tech companies worldwide. Additionally, we were selected among the 30 winning companies taking part in the 2023 IMD Startup Competition.

9. We've welcomed 10 new member to our team

We grew stronger in 2022 while nurturing our cohesive, collaborative, and inclusive culture. We are proud of our forward-thinking team, its passion for Hyperloop technology, and its desire to drive long-term impact on our society.

We're excited about what 2023 will bring!

Stay tuned for what's coming next!

You can download our 2022 Milestones infographic here.